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Male cat vs female cat

Male cat vs female cat: Who better to have at home

Decided to get a pet, but don't know who will suit your character: male vs female cat? Gender does affect a pet's behavior, but not always. Upbringing, habitat, attitude of the owners - all this plays an important role in how exactly an adult cat will be formed. What does the gender of the kitten affect, and what depends on the upbringing of the pet? Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of female cat vs male cat.

Male cat vs female cat difference

Here we will skip the female cat vs male cat anatomy and focus on the overall male cat vs female cat difference. In the wild female vs male cat have different responsibilities, so there are some differences in pet behavior too.

Female vs male cat: pet cleanliness. Female cats are cleaner than male cats. They lick their fur more often and spend a lot of time washing. This is due to the fact that it is the female cats that go hunting, and pungent odors can frighten off prey. Male vs female cat have a stronger odor. Cat urine has a specific smell, and male cats tend to be much stronger in this aspect. It is important for male cats that no one encroaches on their territory, and a strong smell helps them in this.

two cats

Male cat vs female cat: playfulness. In the male vs female cat behavior competition, cat females undoubtedly win. Female cats are more playful than male cats. The main duty of a female cat is to take care of her cub, and hunting is included in the list of her cat affairs. For a domestic cat, hunting is replaced by a game or tracking down the owner's legs. Female cats are more accommodating, which adds another point to them in the column of male vs female cat behavior. Dominant behavior is less common in female cats as they do not need to prove their leadership. The male cat, on the contrary, considers himself a leader and, as a rule, reluctantly obeys the owner.

Cat male vs female: seekers of affection. Let's look at male vs female cat personality. So who is more affectionate - female vs male cat? Male vs female cat temperament is another criterion by which pets can be compared. Female cat vs male cat tends to be more affectionate and sociable than male cats. This is due to the fact that in nature, female cats are responsible for raising a cat cub, so they are much better at making contact. This is another plus of male vs female cat behavior. They are also more patient than male cats. For this reason, many families with children choose female cats.

Regardless of female cat vs male cat behavior comparison, tenderness is used to fulfill cat desires. A male cat will persistently and stubbornly win a treat, a favorite place or a toy, and a female cat will gently force you to succumb to her whims. Of course, there are exceptions to all rules, and in some cases male cat vs female cat difference may be misleading. Sometimes you can meet an affectionate male cat or female cat warrior. It all depends on the upbringing of the pet and the nature of its owners.

Lifespan: difference between female cat vs male cat

How many years do cat female vs male live? The average life expectancy of these pets is 15-17 years, but with proper care, your pet can please you for 20 years or more.

This is exactly the point of female cat vs male where the male wins. Male cats tend to live longer than female cats. This is because of the fact that the body of a female cat, compared to a male, wears out after giving birth and feeding kittens. Neutered and spayed cats live 2-4 years longer than their prolific relatives.

If you look not in the context of male cat vs female cat, but talk about the life of purebred and mixed outbred cats, then outbred cats win. Such cats adapted to the environment organically and were not subjected to artificial changes.

Regardless of the ratio of pros and cons of male cat vs female cat, there are general rules on how to prolong the life of your cat. To help your pet to live a long and happy life, you should:

  • Do preventive vaccinations according to the schedule;
  • Have regular check-ups with a veterinarian;
  • Make sure the pet has a balanced diet;
  • Love your cat and listen to it.

kittens look each other

Male vs female cat: pros and cons of a female cat

Pros of a female in the female vs male cat battle:

  • Female cats do not mark territory during sexual attraction;
  • Female cats are more stable emotionally and less prone to stress;
  • Female cats are cleaner than male cats, and their urine has a less pronounced odor.

Cons of a female in the female vs male cat battle:

  • Unsterilized female cats can bring a surprise from the street in the form of unplanned offspring;
  • During walks, female cats emit a calling cry and may show aggression or excessive attention to the owner;
  • When breeding kittens, you will have to support the female cat and monitor the feeding process.

Male vs female cat: pros and cons of a male cat

Pros of a male cat in the female cat vs male cat battle:

  • The procedure for castrating a male cat is cheaper and easier than spaying a female cat;
  • Male cats are larger than females and look more spectacular.

Cons of a male in the female cat vs male cat battle:

  • Male cats leave scent marks to mark territory;
  • If a male cat runs outside during sexual attraction, it may get injured in a fight for a female or become infected with something from homeless animals;
  • Male cats are more impressionable than female cats and are more difficult to endure separation from the owner.

Male vs female cat: choosing a second cat

Let's consider the issue of cat male vs female in the case of purchasing a second pet. If you decide to get a second female cat, then it is better to take not an adult, but a male kitten. This is the case when a male gets a point in our cat male vs female hit parade. Male kittens have not yet expressed territorial behavior, and it will be easier for them to accept the rules of an old-timer female cat.

Who to choose as roommates for your pet? Consider the subject of male cat vs female cat as roommates below.

Male vs female cat case: female cat + female cat

Females do not tend to fight for territory, so here a female cat is in the lead in terms of male cat vs female. In nature, a female cat has a small habitat, so two females are more likely to make friends. It is important that each cat has all the necessary resources: toys, food, trays and places to rest. If they have to fight for any of the above, the relationship between pets can deteriorate.

four kittens

Male vs female cat case: Male cat + male cat

If both pets are not neutered, you cannot avoid the struggle for territory. Male cats leave odorous marks and find out which one is the leader with violent fights and screams. And this is when a male loses completely in the female vs male cat battle. Until one of the males gives up, you will have to interfere in their relationship and clean up the apartment regularly. Neutered cats have reduced aggression towards rivals, but some behavioral patterns can persist. Be sure to take this into account when comparing male cat vs female cat difference.

 Male vs female cat case: Male cat + female cat

A male cat will accept a female cat in his territory willingly. But if you do not want a stable replenishment in the cat family, you should take care of neutering and spaying of cats in advance. If the female cat is spayed and the male cat is not neutered, he will still leave marks to get her attention. This important factor must be taken into account when understanding the topic of male vs female cat.

Female cats are more clean, playful and sociable, while male cats prefer to show their character and fight for their territory to the last. But the gender of the pet and our comparison table of male cat vs female cat do not guarantee that a cat will definitely have certain characteristics. Attention, training, and your love will help to re-educate any pet.