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General questions


What are Meowfia’s cat caves made from?

Our cat beds are handmade from 100% Merino wool that’s been sourced from New Zealand. No harsh chemicals or artificial dyes are used during manufacturing. 

Where are the cat caves produced?

They are hand-crafted by artisan women in Nepal.

Are your cat caves safe for cats?

Yes, our caves are pet-safe. However, if your cat is allergic to wool, you should avoid using wool caves. 

Are your sizes consistent?

Typically, our cat caves are consistent in size, but because they are handmade, sizes may vary up to 5-7% from one cat cave to another.

How can I choose the best size for my cat?

Currently, Meowfia’s cat caves are available in two sizes: M (for cats up to 12 lbs) and L (for cats up to 20 lbs). If you have multiple cats, we recommend picking the larger size. 


Using the cat cave


How can I attract my cat to the cat cave?

There are a couple of things that you can try:

  • Put the cave on a higher spot, like a chair or a sofa. 
  • Place some treats inside the cave.
  • Rub your cat’s favorite toys with catnip and place them inside the cave.


Taking care of the cat cave


How can I clean the cave?

Since Meowfia cat caves are made of all-natural wool, we recommend that you wash your cat cave by hand in cold water with a mild wool detergent and then air dry it. To help the cave restore its shape, stuff it with towels or old clothes. 

For a light cleaning, you can simply vacuum it or use a lint roller.


How can I restore the shape of the cat cave after my cat sits on it?

For best results, use a steamer. Alternatively, you can stuff the cat cave with towels or old clothes and leave it for a couple of hours.

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