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Premium Merino Felted Cat Bed

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100% natural felt cat bed. We do not use any synthetic additives or inorganic materials to produce a felt cat bed cave. All felt cat beds are made from 100% natural and safe fiber by hand felting. Your cat will love the natural touch and cozy scent of our cat felt bed.

Two felted cat bed options for your cat's choice. For your favorite cat, we have provided two options: a soft bed and a cozy cat felted cat cave. If your cat prefers to lie comfortably on the felt cat bed, the felt cat cave will turn into one as soon as your pet jumps on it. This is a great option for hot summer days. To return the felt cat cave its original shape, just straighten it with your hand from the inside. This felted cat cave option is great for the colder season as it gives extra warmth to your cat.

Felted cat bed helps to reduce stress. The soft fiber, natural composition, close to nature shape of our cat felt bed help reduce your pet's stress. You don't need to spend extra money on stress relief, because your cat can always use his favorite felt cat cave to restore mental health.

Meowfia felt cat beds are made by the best craftswomen. When creating our felted cat bed, we want to share our love for our dear pets, so all our felt cat beds are made exclusively by hand. Thus, creating each cat felt bed, your pet will receive not only a high-quality bed, but also the sincere warmth of the hands of Nepalese craftswomen.

Two optimal sizes of felt cat beds. We offer 2 standard felted cat cave sizes for the best fit for your cat. Felt cat cave size L fits most breeds including Ragdol, Persian, British Shorthair. If your pet is smaller, you can purchase the smallest crib to save on purchase. For larger cats, we have created a special enlarged cave.

Original shape and design of the felted cat bed. Meowfia felted cat cave is not just a comfortable bed for your pet, but also a stylish addition to your interior. By purchasing our felt cat cave, you also get an original accessory for your home. Granite, Quartz, Onyx, Turquoise and many other mesmerizing colors available for felted cat bed will help create an original design solution in any home.

Excellent quality felted cat bed. Our felted cat cave is very durable and wear-resistant. High-quality felt and thick walls make it durable. The cat felt bed is easy to clean with a steam cleaner, does not lose strength and returns to its original shape. We made sure that your cat can rest like a king in our felted cat bed for a very long time.

Loved & reviewed product: The trusted felted cat bed with over 1,000 verified reviews. ❤


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