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Extra large cat cave - Eco cat bed for large cat (Grey)

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    Extra large cat cave for big cats. A big cat needs more space for a comfortable rest. Every cat owner knows this, and Meowfia too. It is for owners of large pets that we have created this unique bed. Give your cat a royal treat with our unique cat cave for large cats.

    Unique play design of the cat bed for large cat. Your cat will definitely enjoy not only to relaxing in a comfortable extra large cat bed, but also to playing in/ with it. This unique cat bed for large cat in the form of a cheerful pumpkin will not leave any cat indifferent. We have specially modified and improved the shape of your traditional favorite cat cave to give your big pets even more warmth and good mood. This new decorated design of familiar cat cave for large cats can improve not only the mental health but also the mood of your cats.

    2 in 1: Cozy large cat cave & comfortable extra large cat bed. Our large cat cave is designed for your pet's comfort, so it transforms into a luxurious cat bed for large cat as soon as your cat jumps on it. On a soft and extra large cat bed, a cat can comfortably rest, sleep, and just cool off on hot days. Meowfia large cat bed is the ultimate royal rest for big royal cats!

    The cat bed for large cat is made of premium quality natural wool. For the production of all our cat cave for large cats, we use the highest quality eco-friendly Merino wool. This ensures that your big cat gets the best all-natural extra large cat bed. This cat bed for large cat is made from natural felt, has a natural color, shape and smell, which serves as an additional incentive for your cat.

    The extra large cat bed is a real peace of art itself. Please not only your pet, but also yourself with a successful purchase of a extra large cat bed. Our new cat bed for large cat is a work of art in itself, which you can use to decorate your home on your own. Solid gray color with additional accents is the best solution for any home interior.

    Our large cat cave is an excellent anti-stress for the cat. Since most cats are introverts by nature, they need their own place to hide. We are pleased to offer your pet our extra large cat bed for a royal rest. The large cat cave absorbs unnecessary sounds, gives warmth and comfort, helps to abstract. Buying our cat bed for large cat is a profitable investment that will help you save on additional expenses to maintain your cat's mental health.

    We do not use machine production to create our extra large cat bed. All our cat cave for large cats are created only by hand. We do not encourage machine production of such delicate item as our cat bed for large cat. For the production of each ecological large cat cave, the traditional Nepalese method of hand felting wool is used. In addition, in this way, Meowfia helps talented Nepalese craftswomen to have a decent income.

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